Residential Garage Door Repair by Skilled Techs

Great solutions to the most common garage door problems and ideas to keep them operational

Tighten the hardware

Although people hardly notice the hardware of the garage system, our company in Fort Lee insists that these tiny parts need great attention. When nuts, brackets and bolts are loosened up, there is a great possibility that the door will be noisy and threaten your safety. After all, these parts secure other bigger components and the whole system will vibrate.

Take care of the door

We're often called to check the garage mechanism and forget that the door must be checked and get good treatment, too. The panel must be kept clean, checked for signs of rust and rotten parts, and occasionally painted. Wood materials will also warp and when the door is not in good condition, it won't protect you sufficiently.

Checking and correcting garage door balance

Remember that poor balancing strains the opener and makes it more likely to break down earlier. Remove the opening mechanism first and disconnect the cord from its trolley. Attempt to gently lift the door manually. The rise to the half way point should be easy unless there is something wrong with the spring tension.

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