Funny Story - Garage Door Repair is an Expert-Only Job

Funny Story - Garage Door Repair is an Expert-Only Job

Repairing a garage door is not easy and should not be attempted by inexperienced people.

I have always been afraid of mice for no reason, so when I saw that my garage door wasn’t closing all the way down and there was space available for the tiny creatures to gain access to my garage and then my house, I got frightened to death and decided to do something about it. Since I consider myself to be a DIY expert, I set out to solve the problem on my own without any help. Relying on my nonexistent knowledge of garage door parts, I instantly surmised that the issue might be with the strong wire that is supporting the entire door. Smiling broadly, I started the repair work on the wire, which I later learnt was actually the garage door cable. I was pretty happy with my repair work although I had no idea what I had done.

Finishing my work, I was somehow certain that now my garage door would close all the way down and no mice would be able to enter my garage or my home. However, as fate would have it, the garage door still didn’t close properly no matter how hard I pressed the keys on the remote. In my frustration, I opened the door all the way up and tried to slam it down by pressing the remote key as hard as possible but now the remote stopped working as my constant pressing had damaged the key. I was fuming and in my anger I threw the remote on the door. The remote shattered but worse was yet to come as the door came hurtling down too and crashed right in front of me and I was left to stare at the gaping hole I now had at the entrance of my garage.

I knew then that the only option remaining was to call a professional garage door repair service

It was around 7pm and so I expected no service to listen to my tale of woe. However, this company was very considerate and immediately told me that a team was being sent to my address. Their technicians arrived in less than 30 minutes, and set to work on the wreck that was my door. They were all very kind and did not ask me how I created that mess. However, they did tell me that the problem was not with the cable at all and it was my repair work that did all the damage. The cable developed breaks because of my inexperienced repairs and snapped when the garage door was fully opened, causing the spring to snap too.

I thought this embarrassment was enough but more was to come when they finally fixed my door and told me that the problem was in fact caused by a stone that had managed to somehow enter into the tracks and kept blocking the door from closing all the way down. It was that night that I learned that fixing garage doors is a more complex task than changing a light bulb (the height of my DIY expertise).

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